Monday, November 2, 2009

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Albus dumblebore

you are wise, kind and still ready to fight for what you think is just dont keep too many secrets so when you're gone, people wont think that you were shady..

How Will You Die from McDonalds?

Hit by Oncoming Car
You like to go through the Drive-Thru, some people never go inside and that's ok but you can't avoid the danger. Sorry, but while leaving the Drive-Thru you will be blindsided by a car.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Which Tim Burton Character are you?

Behold the corpse-bride! Actually, you're far from corpse-like. Warm-hearted, gentle and hopeful, you seek justice and fairness. You are strong willed an...d have an idealistic mind of what should be rather than what is. You are a hopeless romantic and a martyr for love, sometimes so blind by it you can't see his flaws or that he isn't yours to keep. Whatever, you have a selfless nature that puts you above all eligible males, and in the end it will help you find eternal happiness. .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How Many Drinks do you have before falling over?

Jessica completed the quiz "HOW MANY DRINKS DO YOU HAVE BEFORE FALLING OVER?" with the result in training.
you are not quite up to standard yet but will someday be fully qualified in the art of getting slaughtered, although not quite up there with the big guns you can hold your own if only for a short time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What musical leading lady are you?

Eliza Doolittle


You are Eliza! You're rough-around-the-edges, fiercely proud and street savvy and like it that way. You may turn people off where first impressions are concerned, but once they see the real you, they more than likely come around. You are a beautiful, unique individual with interesting stories and points of view to share and one hardly ever tires listening to your colorful words. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!

Would you be a good stage hand?

A list Hand.

You are a perfect stage hand. You are on time, willing to learn, willing to teach the new guys, and a team player. You would be an asset to any crew you worked for and should be payed top rate.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you have a dirty mind?

The Dirty One

You have a dirty mind. Although you are not yet a mastermind, you can understand all dirty jokes and create them yourself. You enjoy being dirty and it is present quite often in your life.